Reproductive healthcare

Reproductive healthcare industry is a fairly new international market that has valuation of over trillion dollars. Women reproductive healthcare is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the global healthcare industry – growing at a rate of 25-30% annually. There is the need for every family to have safe reproductive healthcare products.

Traditional Chinese medicine

The company products will not only solve beauty problems caused by various gynecological diseases, it also helps postpone menopause, slow down aging, balance hormones, tighten uterus and vagina, as well as having nourishing and maintenance effects. The products are effective in preventing and curing various gynaecological diseases.

Mission & Vision

Beverlylife Sdn. Bhd. corporate mission is “Care for reproductive health to create a quality of life.” Its corporate vision is to “Empower you to a healthy and wealthy lifestyle” and its service motto being “Become the most respected international enterprises and the most valuable business platform”.


MOMOKO Beverlylife Endorser

In my twenties, I was checking the cervix to reach 2-3 erosion is already in the hospital, but also found a 3cm ovarian cysts and tumors of the blood. At that time, I’ve seen three doctors, two of which I have based Physicians had three children, so they suggested that I put to the ovaries removed. I was just four months during use Yu Jie Kang and other products, my health improved a lot, my cervical erosion significantly repaired about 90%, and the surface of my cervix more than a thin layer of mulch . I was a child often have stomach pain, can not be eradicated as long as 20 years, until I used a fourth stars Yu Jie Kang, my stomach no longer attack. And my cholesterol is a little high, so the cervical spine, from time to time will be very tight, but during the course of my conditioning, Yu Jie Kang to help me through the meridians, let my blood a lot smoother, and my cervical spine followed slacked up. I am most treatment products that Beverly is really amazing is that I spent the first nine months later, I was discharged a bunch of brown semi-liquid, after one week, I went to the doctor to check my uterus and found my blood tumor had disappeared at the time, I was really happy and moved, but fortunately I had no ovaries removed, also feel very lucky because I met Beverly company and Yu Jie Kang, let me restore the body’s health。


Fong Yen Fun Beautician

I was shell side core, from Selangor Serdang itself is family beautician and owner. Since he entered a second life after puberty (40 years old), on the face of hormonal imbalance troubled, and his face began to long spot, within two years, on both sides of a long two small cheeks melasma. Looked for Chinese medicine, that is hormonal imbalance. Itself is a beautician, many friends advised me to do some quick speckle treatment, but my own faith in Chinese medicine and natural therapies in the eradication of ways to adjust, so I’ve been looking and asking. Until I realized Beverly, Beverly also were using traditional Chinese medicine as the foundation of the product range. Beverly product line not only help me to play down the face melasma, also helped me improve my insomnia has been plagued by problems, dry skin as well as emotional instability. According to supporting the use of medications, therapy plus internal skincare simple external support. Use a full 10 months after treatment, again photographed contrast, my face hudieban basically scattered over his face shiny, even the eyes light up, the whole body can be said to shine, because I get back confident. With Beverly’s training, after-sales service, I simply share, now the more you use the more expensive products. I will continue to share this product out, also help some friends wanted it as a career.




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